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The Team

  • Ria Pradhan



    Ria currently serves as President. She joined Agents of Change in early 2017 to pursue her love for political change and her belief in grassroots movements. Ria is passionate about social activism, and has worked at non-profit progressive organizations like Emerge California. She leads both her school chapters of the Feminist Union and the South Asian Affiliation, and worked on both the Ro Khanna and Jeff Bleich campaigns for the 2018 midterm elections.

  • Shilpa Sajja

    VP of Development


    Shilpa currently serves as the VP of Development. She joined Agents of Change to find a platform to broadcast her opinions on mental health in the Bay Area. She started the Mental Health committee at Agents of Change, and worked to change perceptions and raise awareness. Shilpa has worked for a variety of organizations, including working with the Eating Disorder Resource Center and interning at Máquina de Leer.

  • Mahek Bhargava

    VP of Partnerships


    Mahek serves as the VP of Partnerships. She discovered her passion for AoC after actively searching for a community dedicated to helping find solutions to community issues. She was previously a member of the Economic Opportunity Committee, where she bridged communications with partners and helped introduce the public speaking project.

  • Rohan Goel

    VP of Operations


    Rohan Goel serves as the VP of Operations for Agents of Change. Currently a senior at Lynbrook High School, Rohan decided to join Agents of Change after volunteering for Ro Khanna’s 2016 congressional race. Last year, Rohan served as a captain for the Economic Opportunity Committee, and a project lead for the SEPRI mental health initiative. Rohan hopes to expand the organization this year by finding new issues to tackle and new organizations to volunteer with.

  • Vaidehi Raman

    Committee Chairman of Mental Health


    Vaidehi currently serves as Chair of the Mental Health Committee. She is constantly inspired by the potential that Agents of Change has to impact people’s lives and is incredibly passionate about bringing about change in how families and schools view, approach, and treat mental wellness. Last year, along with Pragya Jain, Vaidehi started the Literacy Rates project.

  • Rohan Angajala

    Committee Chairman of STEM


    Rohan Angajala currently serves as Chair of the STEM Committee. Over the last year, he has led efforts such as the organization of AOC’s presence at the March For Our Lives movement. He is currently organizing a hackathon aiming to involve students from a diverse set of backgrounds and hopes to help underprivileged groups gain access to the powerful technological tools of our age.

  • Pragya Jain

    Committee Chairman of Economic Opportunity


    Pragya currently serves as the Chair of the Economic Opportunity committee. Over the last year she has led the Literacy Rates project, which worked with students that were struggling to meet their expected reading levels. As chair of Econ Opps, she hopes to level the playing field for marginalized communities such as the homeless and to preserve AoC’s core belief of effecting positive change in our society.

  • Aadhiti Ghankota

    Committee Chairman of Fighting Discrimination


    Aadhiti Ghankota is currently the Chair of the Fighting Discrimination Committee. Her motivation to join Agents of Change came from her passion to help others and her interest in meeting new individuals. As Fighting Discrimination Chair, she is currently working on partnerships with various organizations and is empowering her team of Agents to fight xenophobia and gender inequality.

  • Arianna Yuan

    Committee Chairman of Health and Envrionment Committee


    Arianna Yuan is currently the Chair of the Health and Envrionment Committee. The motivation to help create an impactful change to the envrionment and offer guidance to those who do not have access to certain health products drives her to become more involved in the community. As the Health and Envrionment Chair, she works with other students and schools to influence the young about the environment.

  • Tarun Galagali

    Founding Advisor & Executive Director


    Tarun Galagali is the Founding Adviser and Executive Director of Agents of Change. Originally a Bay Area native, and a product of public schools, he's most passionate about improving mental wellness of students as well as bridging educational inequities. He believes that all change happens at the grassroots level and that students are more than capable of changing political systems.

  • Leonardo Frem

    STEM Advisor


    Leonardo Frem serves as an adviser to Agents of Change. Leonardo has a background in Electrical Engineering and currently works at Apple as a Quality Assurance Engineer. He is a heavy proponent of STEM education advancement and diversification. Being a 1st generation college graduate, Leonardo understands the importance of mentoring and STEM support programs that motivate students to excel in their careers. His dream is to help forge the next generation of leaders with a thorough understanding of science who will facilitate the advancement of humanity.

  • Nikki Frem



    Nikki Frem serves as an adviser to Agents of Change. She joined the organization in February 2017 with her husband, Leonardo Frem. Nikki has a background in Biology and is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at San Jose State University. She is a strong advocate for the advancement of women and equality for all. Nikki believes in the importance of supporting young people as they connect with their communities through service and become strong role models and leaders for the future.

  • Shilpa Joshi



    Shilpa Joshi serves as an adviser to Agents of Change. A realtor with Alain Pinel Realtors, Shilpa lives in Los Gatos with her husband and two daughters and has been an active volunteer for various organizations for several years. She is passionate about creating equal educational opportunities for everyone and strongly believes in paying forward. She hopes to help create opportunities for higher education through vocational training for both students and young adults in the community. Shilpa believes it would be magical if everyone could just mentor one person to create real change.

  • Manisha Puranik



    Manisha Puranik serves as an adviser to Agents of Change. A Bay Area resident for over 25 years, Manisha lives in Cupertino with her husband, Rajiv, and their twin daughters Tanaya and Sanika. Manisha worked as a software engineer for 20 years, before becoming an independent college admissions counselor. Manisha has been an avid worker in Cupertino social organizations such as the Cupertino-Toyokawa initiative, the Environmental Volunteers Organization, and the Cake4Kids Committee. Manisha first got involved in Ro Khanna’s campaign in 2014. The passion of young volunteers in the campaign inspired her to become involved in Agents of Chance as an advisor, believing that starting activism from a young age will shape the future of our country.

Agents of the Week

Our agents tirelessly work every week, whether it's writing plans while they're on vacation or volunteering after a hectic day at school. We appreciate each and every one of them for the work that they do and recognize them for their hard work with our 'Agent of the Week' award.

  • Natraj Vairavan

    Week of Jul 25


    As a member of the Economic Opportunity Committee, Natraj has continuously demonstrated his passion for promoting economic equality in his community as well as taking initiative within the organization. As a new agent in the Economic Opportunity committee, he contributes ideas and exhibits great interest in all committee activities, plans, and events!

  • Shivani Gupta

    Week of Jul 8


    As a member of the Environmental Protection Committee, Shivani has continuously demonstrated her passion for addressing climate change and other environmental issues. She always contributes ideas and plans for the projects her committee undertakes.

  • Pranav Pammidimukkala

    Week of May 27


    As a project lead for the Bioreach project in the STEM Advocacy Committee, Pranav is interested in biology and its application for community wellbeing. Pranav is actively involved in every committee meeting, and exhibits great leadership through the Bioreach project.

  • Kashov Sharma

    Week of May 20


    As a project member of the Public Speaking project in the Economic Opportunity Committee, Kashov is interested in helping others gain and develop crucial skills, such as communication, especially for those who normally would not have the opportunity to do so. Kashov is actively involved in every meeting and call and always offers constructive and creative ideas for the betterment of the organization.

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